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6th stop- Nahariya

6th stop- Nahariya

December 2019-January 2020, Jerusalem Blvd, Kiryat Yam

May- July 2022, 8 Ga’aton Blvd. Nahariya


Zumu’s sixth and biggest station to date took place in the legendary deserted factory of Zoglobek, a sausage manufacturer and major employer for locals for decades. On the banks of the Ga’aton river and in the heart of wonderful Nahariya, the exhibition engaged with the concept of the “Mifal Hayim”, a play on words with the notion of a “life’s work” and the idea of the factory (Mifal). Presenting works by 50 artists, the show hosted 40,000 people from all throughout the country.

The exhibition explored the connectivity between the engineered spaces of the factory and ideas of a meaningful “life’s work”, productivity, manufacturing, individualism, and self-expression.


Following two plus years of life under Covid, when a word like “wave” was synonymous to disease and everyone’s noses were hidden, Zumu Nahariya symbolized a step outside of the bunker. The virus hadn’t past but people were beginning to emerge outside and get back to their normal lives.


Zumu Nahariya presented an elaborate public program of over 100 events that brought communities together in creative engagement. Among them we hosted a workshop with the musician Shaanan Street (HaDag Nahash), tournaments of the local chess club, resident musicians and a theatrical adaptation of stories of the Zoglobek factory workers by the Ruth Kaner Theatre Company.


Zumu Nahariya was hosted in the factory, currently owned by Reality Group and with full collaboration of the Nahariya Municipality and The local youth group “Tnuat Tarbut”.  The museum hosted every single classroom from Nahariya and became a social congregation for people from all the north of Israel.


Zumu was also the first time we hosted international artists, from Germany and France, to create new site specific works for the show. Their participation was possible due to the support of the Franco- German Cultural Fund.











Participating Artists:


Ron Amir // Hila Amram // Shay Alfia // Michal Baror // Davi Barel // Dana Cohen // Dana Cohen Tzvi // Rakefet Cnaan // Itzhak DeLanga // Shay Dror // Ira Eduardovna //  Stav Even Chen // Michele Fegel (Germany) // Shelly Freeman // Amira Fodi // Niv Gafny // Hiluf Homarim Group // Hani Khatib // Gabi Krichley // Avi Krispan // Sigalit Landau // Noa Lamdan // Alma Machnes Kez // Oz Malul // Sahar Miari // Ronit Mirski // Lea Nikel // Alon Peretz Avishai Platek // Moshe Roas // Dafna Ron // Baruch Rafiach // Maayan Shahar // Hilla Spitzer // Hilla Shapira // Racheli Sherpstein // Merav Sudai // Kobi Siboni // Talia Toktali // Shahar Tishler // Amnon Volman // Marianne Villiere (France) // Tamir Yogev // Shay Zilberman // Dor Zelicha Levy


Production Team: Milana Gitzin Adiram// Ariel Adiram // Shua Ben Ari // Shahar Ben Nun // Tal Erez // Amit Portman // Alon Sarid // Adi Shaham // Stav Even Chen // Maya Prat // Yair (Yaya) Milnov // Motti Wolf // Vered Naggar


Zumu Nahariya was made possible through the generous support of the Ted Arison Family foundation, Mifal HaPais, The Azrieli Foundation, Reality Group, The Municipality of Nahariya, Omer Tiroche Gallery, The Ministry of Culture, Anata Foundation, Plumas Foundation, The German and French Embassies in Israel, and private donors.


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