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8th stop- Acre

8th stop- Acre

October 2022- . Jaffa d, Tel Aviv-Yaffo

May – June 2023- . haharbara 34 (central bus station) Akko

ZUMU's eighth stop was hosted in Acre, the tourist gem of the north. In the heart of the mandatory city, outside the regular tourist route of the hummus and the knafa and the knights' halls, in a mixed neighborhood and at the entrance of the rather abandoned central station - we established the Zifzif Motel. A huge exhibition that dealt with tourism and natural resources - and the natural tendency of humans to overuse existing resources. Here, outside the walls of the old city and away from the bustling port, another Acre is going on. daily. The one that tries to find its place between Haifa and the rivers. The one that faces political and social challenges. She is the one who is looking for the right recipe for life in a common city where sometimes it seems that everything is falling apart and falling apart.


Zumu arrived in Acre on the brink of a boiling point in Israeli society. Apparently, this is no time for art. But Zumu, from the beginning and from its very essence, is one big demonstration. He does not go against - but fights for the positive. We are fighting, now and since we started, for the future of the society in which we raise our children.

We go out to the squares to place original and new bush benches in places where the bush seems to have faded. We carry a flag with us. We are well aware of the problems inherent in our process - they are many, deep and in some cases unsolvable - but we are determined to look at the glass half full. So it is true that we have not yet succeeded in curing all the diseases, correcting all the injustices and eradicating all the dangers lurking for us - in Acre and in all around the country. We are still light years away from that. But if we were able to open the gates of  ZifZif Motel and invite thousands to gather and look at works of art that do not come only to decorate or beautify reality - this is a sign that there is still hope and that there is still a point to try.


Production Team: Milana Gitzin Adiram// Ariel Adiram // Shahar Ben Nun // Maayan Shelef // Nardeen Srouji  // Alon Sarid // Adi Shaham // Ori Batson

Zumu Acre was made possible through the generous support of the Ted Arison Family foundation, Mifal HaPais, The Azrieli Foundation, The Municipality of Acre,  The Ministry of Culture, Anata Foundation, Plumas Foundation and private donors.


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